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Chocolate Cubo Curitiba
Special chocolate basket same day deliver Curitiba Brazil. Cesta cubo Curitiba cacau show 1 tablete la creme branco 100g 1 cubo 140g 1 cookies gotas de chocolate 1 tab artesanal morango 40g 2 tab recheado caramelo 18g 4 trufinha chocolate 4 trufinha..
R$243.00 ($74.07)
Based on 2 reviews.
12 Colored Roses (Bouquet)
Many hues of love in different meanings with their colors... red for the passion, pink for the love, white for kindness, yellow for happinness and lilac for overjoy. It is perfect to express everything good about love in one simple magical arrangement.  ITEM: 12..
R$195.00 ($59.44)
Based on 2 reviews.
12 Red Roses & Teddy
A beautiful gift to surrender with a special touch of kind with this cute teddy bear along with an amazing dozen red roses bouquet.  Item: 12 red roses bouquet + small teddy bear, send flowers to Brazil ..
R$236.00 ($71.93)
Based on 1 reviews.
12 Red Roses Classic
12 red roses classic send flowers to Brazil, The classic symbol of love will express your deepest feelings and will let a sensation of a delicious kiss and hug, taking a breath and touching the heart. Item: 12 Red roses wrapped with ribbon ..
R$195.00 ($59.44)
Based on 37 reviews.
24 Red Roses
This amazing bouquet of 24 red roses is perfect to surrender your beloved one, the red roses are symbol of love and this big size one will spread all around with not only beauty and meaning, but a scent of love to conquer the hearts.  Item: 24 Red roses bouquet ..
R$265.00 ($80.77)
Based on 2 reviews.
Basket Of Mixed Seasonal Flowers
Surprised and enchanted will be your reaction in front of this gorgeous mixed basket. Item: Mixed flowers in a basket (colors or basket may vary) ..
R$279.00 ($85.04)
Based on 3 reviews.
Begonias plant
Beauty and representing the happiness this Begonias plant will brighten up the day. Item: Begonia plant in cachepot (colors may vary) ..
R$134.00 ($40.84)
Based on 2 reviews.
Beloved Lady
Because you are my sunrise, my moonlight, my peace of mind… You are my kind and care. And you, you are my heart, my beloved lady. Item: Dozen Pink & Red roses bouquet (wrapped with ribbon) ..
R$217.00 ($66.14)
Based on 6 reviews.
Chokie Rose
For a sweet surprise this beauty roses with surrender chocolates are the perfection. Item: 12 colorful roses bouquet wrapped with ribbon and a delicious box of chocolates ..
R$224.00 ($68.28)
Based on 2 reviews.
Ferrero Roses
An amazing collection of red passionate roses in wrapped bouquet along with a tasting box of delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolates truffles. Perfect to surrender your loved one with this gorgeous gift.  ITEM: 12 Red roses bouquet with Ferrero Rocher chocolates box..
R$225.00 ($68.58)
Based on 1 reviews.
Florist Choice
Everyone is unique. And with this customized bouquet filled to value of fresh seasonal flowers created by our expert designer Brasilian florists, you can give your special someone something just as inimitable and exceptional as they are.    ITEM: Florist ch..
R$189.00 ($57.61)
Based on 3 reviews.
This mesmerazing bouquet of red and white roses are perfect to surprise with love, care and lots of good vibrations. It will deliver your best feelings from the bottom of the heart with the glorious beauty of roses.  6 red roses  6 white roses Grens&..
R$199.00 ($60.66)
Gourmet Basket
A gorgeous basket of fruits, crackers, sweets, cheese and so much many delicious that will surrender your heart. Item: Basket of goodies, with crackers, cheese, fruits and more. ..
R$359.00 ($109.42)
Based on 10 reviews.
Mixed Flowers Bouquet
To express all your kindness, your love, your dedication and the sweetest passion to your dearest person who always make you good, this is the ideal gift. Item: Mixed flowers wrapped with ribbon. ..
R$214.00 ($65.23)
Based on 10 reviews.
Orchids are synonyms of elegance and refinement, they're ideal to gift on any occasion as this beautiful flower means success, beauty and joy. Send now these orchids and be sure to delight.  Orchid phaleanopolis com 1 stem no glass vase the color of the o..
R$234.99 ($71.62)
Based on 6 reviews.

Flower delivery Curitiba, same day deliver flowers to curitiba

Send Flowers To Curitiba

It is no accident that you came to Brazil Flower Shop! Here you can order natural flower bouquets, creative gift baskets and many other small surprises. A flower composition made by an expert florist will convey your emotions from the distance. We carry out flower delivery in Curitiba and other cities of Brazil. If you compare our rates with the prices in other flower-shops you will certainly be amazed. Moreover, the bouquet delivery is free!

Floristics for every occasion

Find a moment to surprise your loved ones with a present. Send flowers to Curitiba by making an order online. Our flower deliver Curitiba service guarantees that carefully packed bouquet will be delivered to specified address. We will hand the flowers to the recipient at home, office or at the party. Don’t worry – even if you are late to the party, the flowers will be your wordless confession to the person you  love.  

Learn how Curitiba florist can help you with you problems: to make peace with your girlfriend, to improve your relations with your parents and close a profitable business deal! You don’t have to waste large sums of money to get on someone’s good side. Surprise flower bouquet will be the best evidence of your sincerity and turn even the gloomiest of days into a holiday.  Stylish rose, lily or orchid bouquet will break the ice even after a serious quarrel.

Quick delivery and quality service

We deliver flowers to Curitiba for free and take pride in high quality of our service.  However this is not the only benefit of  Brazil Flower Shop. Most people in Brazil have already acknowledged the convenience of ordering flowers and gifts online.  Our website works 24/7, so you can order a bouquet even at night – that may come in handy in case you forgot to buy present in advance. All orders made until 1:00 PM are filled this very day. 

Professional florists in Curitiba

The beauty of Curitiba inspires florists and they are ready to share their best ideas with you. Modern classics, romantics, official style, ritual floristics – we have floral compositions for every occasion.  Each bouquet is a work of ar.  The florists are very considerate about quality and freshness of every flowers, so you will never find a broken stem in your bouquet. A perfect floral masterpiece will be decorating your loved ones’ home for many days.

Why it is comfortable to order flower delivery in Curitiba online

Our florist in Curitiba takes orders from every country in the world. There are several ways for you to make you to make your order: on the website, by phone or messenger. Tell our managers about your wishes and they will help you choose a bouquet. All floral compositions displayed on the website are real with detailed photos applied. Our clients’ feedback will guide you among wide range of Brazil Flower Shop.  

Send flowers to Curitiba in one click! You don’t really need a reason!

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