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​We respect you and treat the security and privacy question as serious! 

We're part of a group that advocates the good practice, security politics and privacy on internet. We doesn't email you spams or pass on any of your informations. The irregular use of any of your info from one of our employees will immediately results in firing. Your informations are locked into our servitors only for the purpose of sending your flowers to receiver, buying process from our shop, account into our system to check the status of your orders and to newsletter sent as it has been previously approved by you. 

All of our process is 100% secure, with none riscs to you. All informations are encrypted as codes into the internet and cannot be accessed from others. 

Your credit card informations are only used to have the payment done and are not saved or registered into our system, nobody has access to it after payment done. All we keep are your personal informations as name, address, email and phone - carefully. 

Feel free and confortable, you're secure into our page. Any doubts please feel free to contact us anytime during the work hours. 



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